Grupo Ferré Rangel's History Spans

100+ Years and 7 Industries

A Journey of Growth and Social Empowerment that Transcends One Family.


Puerto Rico Iron works

Antonio Ferré Bacallao establishes Puerto Rico Iron Works in Ponce, Puerto Rico.​


Ponce Cement

Ponce Cement is founded by Antonio Ferré Bacallao and sons, under the Empresas Ferré entity.

Frontpage of El Día Newspaper from February 1, 1962 announcing the possibility of Rockefeller commuting Salvador Agron's sentence


El Día

Luis A. Ferré, son of Antonio Ferré Bacallao, buys El Día, a regional newspaper based in Ponce.


Museo de Arte de Ponce

Established by Luis A. Ferré with a starter collection of 24 pieces.

Chimneys and smokestacks from Empresas Ferré's Cemento Ponce


Puerto Rican Cement

Puerto Rican Cement, formerly Ponce Cement, becomes the first Puerto Rican company to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange.


Centros Sor Isolina Ferré

After 30 years of mission work throughout Puerto Rico and the United States, Sister Isolina Ferré retires to the La Playa sector in the Municipality of Ponce. A week later she establishes the center that would later be called Centros Sor Isolina Ferré.

Sor Isolina Ferré, a Roman Catholic religious sister, known for her humanitarian work standing at the beach of Ponce's Barrio Playa.


El Nuevo Día

Antonio Luis Ferré, purchases El Día newspaper from his father Luis and moves its operations from Ponce to San Juan, where the regional publication is relaunched nationally as El Nuevo Día.

Printing presses of El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico's newspaper of record.

"At the service of my land"


El Día Directo

El Día Directo begins connecting customers and businesses through a call center, direct marketing and a fulfillment facility.

Logo for El Día Directo, a call center, direct marketing and fulfillment service provider
An early homepage for


El Nuevo Día launches its digital footprint as El Nuevo Día Interactivo or, paving the way to news and content online.

Primera Hora, a middle-market newspaper, is launched and distributed daily throughout the island.
Advanced Graphic Printing launches as one of the Caribbean’s most advanced commercial printers.


City View Plaza

City View Plaza, a Class A office park, opens up for business, becoming Grupo Ferré Rangel's first real estate investment in Puerto Rico.


Grupo Ferré Rangel

Family operations in real estate, cement, media and customer engagement are grouped under the Grupo Ferré Rangel umbrella.


Grupo Ferré Rangel transitions away from old industry by selling off all of its cement-producing assets.

Grupo Ferré Rangel old logo


Real Estate Growth

Grupo Ferré Rangel diversifies its real estate holdings by investing in multi-family properties in the United States and Chile.

United States flag
Chile flag
Livinn student housing in Chile


GFR Media

Grupo Ferré Rangel creates GFR Media, consolidating Puerto Rico’s leading media and content brands.


Grupo Ferré Rangel creates GFR Media, the largest media holding in Puerto Rico and home to top content brands such as El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora and Indice.

GFR Media original logo
LinkActiv logo



El Día Directo is relaunched as LinkActiv to offer contact center services to external clients and thus capitalize on 21 years of handling customer service operations for our newspapers.


Escuela de Comunicación Ferré Rangel

The communications school at Sacred Heart University is renamed Escuela de Comunicación Ferré Rangel as part of an endowment commitment to the school.
Sign outside the Ferré Rangel communications school at Sacred Heart University in Santurce, Puerto Rico.


Kingbird Properties

Kingbird Properties is launched in Boston, MA, to aggregate value-added real estate investments in secondary and tertiary U.S. markets.

Kingbird Properties logo


Grupo Ferré Rangel

Celebrates 100+ Years of Purposeful Transformation.


Kingbird Investment Management

Rebranded Kingbird Properties as Kingbird Investment Management to reflect the expanded investment scope. Sold City View Plaza to expand US Real Estate operations.

Kingbird Investment Management logo


LinkActiv Group Expands

Opened a third contact center facility at the former Roosevelt Roads naval base in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, increasing by 600 communicators the current 1,400+ workforce.

Aerial view of Linkactiv Group's Ceiba call center facility in the former Roosevelt Roads naval base.