Social Inovation

For more than a century, social commitment has been at the center of our family’s entrepreneurial tradition, allowing the Group to create social value by leveraging on our core business competencies, philanthropic work and employee engagement. We established a dedicated Social Innovation structure within the business to systematically and formally engage in social entrepreneurship, impact investing and employee-led initiatives.
Grupo Ferré Rangel’s Social Innovation division is guided by the United Nation’s sustainable development goals

Our Objectives


Create social change through collaborative and innovative strategies that make use of entrepreneurial principles and strategies to tackle the root of social problems and systematically nurture and invest in permanent solutions.


Pursue global and local partnerships that drive sustainable economic development at all socioeconomic levels.


Exchange knowledge, experience, talent and resources to create socially innovative ventures that serve our communities.

Our efforts follow a multi-disciplinary approach centered on individual and collective empowerment, civic engagement, democracy, arts, culture and education.

Our Areas of Focus


Impact Investing

We support organizations that help generate beneficial social and environmental impact.​​

Employee-led Initiatives

Employee-led social commitment initiatives impacting internal stakeholders and the communities surrounding our businesses.

Projects have ranged from post-hurricane disaster relief efforts to back-to-school initiatives and emergency funds for employees.


Social Entrepreneurship​

Entities we collaborate with:

- Centros Sor Isolina Ferré

- Agenda Ciudadana

- Universidad del Sagrado Corazón: Escuela de Comunicaciones Ferré Rangel

- Museo de Arte de Ponce